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May it be said of us, "Every student in the United States was prayed for daily by name and need. Their parents and their teachers were daily prayed for. God heard those daily prayers, He answered, and thousands of lives were changed, not just for a lifetime, but for eternity."

What is Operation Intercession?
Operation Intercession is by far the most important activity National Community Resource Center (NCRC) has ever been a part of. Your partnership is critically needed. At stake is the present and eternal well being of those around us..

That we live in turbulent times is no secret. From Columbine to the World Trade Center, to dysfunctional families, people daily experience brokenness. They seek answers Lovely image of a sunset on the Oregon coastline. God is the answer they are desperately looking for. God's love spoken in truth, communicated with the power of the Holy Spirit, transforms lives. He can heal millions of broken spirits and put broken hearts back together.

How can we help?
The first, last, and best tool we have is prayer. Through Operation Intercession we can cover each person we know in prayer.
Sound like big job? All we need is you!
Think of people you know. Follow the guide on our home page or the pages that suggest prayer topics for each day of the month. Set aside some time each day to pray for those people and those with whom they come in contact.
How much time does it take?
Got a couple minutes? It has been said - No prayer, no power. Little prayer, little power. Much prayer, much power. Any time you can devote the people you know in prayer will work on their behalf, and the guided prayers on our web site only take a minute or two. In return, your prayers for the people you know will impact their lives forever.
Click here to get started.