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Prayer Guide for Teachers
  1. Pray that they teach, encourage, and empower their students.
  2. Pray that their students will have excitement and a desire to learn.
  3. Pray for their lesson plans, that creative thought and truth will be communicated to each student.
  4. Pray for respect between them and their students/parents.
  5. Pray that they have physical health and energy.
  6. Pray for their time management, tutoring, lesson planning...
  7. Pray for sensitivity to the needs of students they encounter.
  8. Pray for creative and fresh ideas for teaching truth.
  9. Pray for wisdom, strength, and courage in dealing with students, discipline issues, and other administrative decisions/duties.
  10. Pray that they will model good communication, positive coping skills, and constructive resolution skills to students.
  11. Pray that they will genuinely love and like their students.
  12. Pray that they will practice personal sexual purity.
  13. Pray for their home lives and cultivation of positive relationships.
  14. Pray for grace in dealing with the mundane [grading papers, lesson plans, staff meetings...].
  15. Pray that the teachers will have a contagious passion for teaching.
  16. Pray that they will receive ample encouragement.
  17. Pray that they will have wisdom reaching parents and students who have difficulties.
  18. Pray for their safety before, during, and after school.
  19. Pray for godly influences to be present in their lives.
  20. Pray for frequent teachable moments when the they can speak directly into student's lives.
  21. Pray that they will gain or maintain an eternal perspective on life.
  22. Pray that they will adapt well to the community, the culture, and educational changes.
  23. Pray for supportive relationships with peers, administrators, and the school board.
  24. Pray that they will see the God-given potential in each student.
  25. Pray for their own continued emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual growth.
  26. Pray that they will know and effectively communicate truth.
  27. Pray that God will place the right teachers and administrators with the right students.
  28. Pray for their morale, that they will not settle for mediocrity.
  29. Pray for meaningful out-of-school activities which will re-energize them emotionally, spiritually, socially, and physically.
  30. Pray they will positively influence the war on drugs and crime.
  31. Commit each teacher, administrator, and school to the care and nurture of God, that Godís best will be accomplished in and through them.