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Owners and Supervisors Prayer Guide
  1. Thanks for __________'s investment and leadership in the company. Bless him/her for making employment possible. Make him/her a blessing today to those he/she encounters. May __________'s life honor God.
  2. Give __________ divine wisdom and sound judgment for the numerous business decisions that must be made.
  3. Supply __________ with creative vision that moves the company/business/staff in a godly and profitable direction. Help him/her to wisely plan for the future succession of the business and leadership.
  4. Direct __________ to seek God for the daily direction that He wants the company to go.
  5. Empower __________ to respond well to suggestions and criticism he/she receives from employees.
  6. Help __________ to be sensitive to the needs of his/her employees.
  7. Supply __________ with financial blessing for helping and being generous to his/her employees. Send enough work so that __________'s employees will be kept busy and the business remains viable.
  8. Help __________ provide good health care for this/her employees at a reasonable price.
  9. Guide __________ to have a growing relationship with God that secures Heaven as his/her eternal home.
  10. Empower __________ to daily go beyond his/her natural self-centeredness, helping employees and others succeed.
  11. Grant __________ wisdom when needing to deal with hard times, lost leases, late deliveries, and potential bankruptcy. keep __________ from being involved in frivolous or unnecessary lawsuits. Give him/her the strength to endure hard times and to make difficult decisions.
  12. Supply __________ with faithful, godly friends who offer wise counsel and support.
  13. Help __________ to supervise well and to get his/her own work done in a timely and thorough manner.
  14. Make __________ secure in who he/she is so that __________'s employees are encouraged to grow and succeed.
  15. Open __________'s eyes to view the business as a gift from God and a responsibility to serve God in his/her business. may the business be __________'s ministry and his/her ministry be his/her business.
  16. Give __________ wisdom to know when to promote and when not to promote various employees. Keep him/her from being pressured into keeping employees who do not belong in the business/company. If people are to be fired, may it be in a kind, gracious, and instructive manner.
  17. Alert __________ to physical dangers that may exist for any employees. Assist tin correcting the matter.
  18. Protect __________ from giving in to personal, moral, and/or business temptation.
  19. Empower __________ to positively adapt to change in his/her work place.
  20. Keep __________ from becoming a workaholic. Protect him/her from being an absentee owner, maintaining balance between being work, home, community responsibilities and recreation.
  21. When __________ experiences broken relationships, dreams, health, and/or heart, bring godly healing.
  22. Compensate __________ fairly for his/her investment of money, time, and skill.
  23. Give __________ a strong relationship with his/her spouse, children, parents, and extended family.
  24. Grant __________ due respect, gratitude, and affirmation from his/her employees.
  25. May the personal needs of __________ be met in godly and constructive ways.
  26. Supply __________ with good health, especially regarding stress-related illnesses.
  27. Help the employees of __________ to understand and adapt to their supervisor's responsibilities and style.
  28. Empower __________ to be a positive role model to those in business, leadership, and those aspiring to be leaders.
  29. Provide __________ with discernment in knowing how to wisely respond to government regulations, political correctness and societal pressures, especially those which contradict his/her belief system.
  30. Strengthen __________'s people development skills, communication abilities, and business skills. Encourage __________ to be an outstanding listener, knowing when to speak and when to listen.
  31. Help __________ to be a good steward of his/her time, energy, and possessions. Empower __________ to be effective and productive in the meetings he/she must attend and as a member of the committees and boards on which he/she serves.