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Olympic Athlete Prayer Guide
  1. Thanks for creating ______ in the image of God. Send blessing and peace into his/her life. Make ______ a blessing to those he/she encounters and use his/her athletic skills to bring honor and glory to God.
  2. Help ______ to physically compete and perform to the maximum of his/her God-given abilities.
  3. May ______ exhibit the true Olympic spirit of competition by holding his/her opponents in high esteem both on and off the field/venue.
  4. Send people into ______'s life at the Olympics who will become life-long friends.
  5. May ______ have a vibrant, growing and personal relationship with God. Transform ______ by the renewing of his/her mind that he/she may prove the good and perfect and acceptable will of God. (Romans 12:2)
  6. Grant ______ healthy relationships with teammates, coaches, trainers, team doctors, and traveling companions.
  7. Protect ______ from the temptation to use illegal drugs, take bribes, and participate in immoral sexual activity.
  8. Help ______ to be a strong role model in lifestyle, athletic preparation, performance, and post performance comments and attitudes. May ______ represent his/her country with class and dignity.
  9. Protect ______ from all spiritual warfare attacks by Satan, evil forces, and people.
  10. Meet ______'s spiritual, financial, emotional, family, and physical needs.
  11. Keep ______ mentally focused on his/her mission rather than on the numerous distractions the Olympics offer. May ______ not be awe-struck by the tradition, atmosphere, and people at the games.
  12. Protect ______'s family, friends, possessions, and home while he/she is at the games. If married, use the Olympic training and games to strengthen ______'s marriage, not to weaken or destroy it.
  13. May God's sovereign will be done in ______'s life. God willing, grant ______ freedom from injury at the Olympics. Provide him/her with safe Olympics travel. Thwart all terrorist activities aimed towards ______ and his/her teammates. Protect ______ from food poisoning.
  14. Grant ______ emotional stability to respond positively to the outcome of his/her events.
  15. Enhance ______'s ability to communicate with national and international media. May e/she receive meaningful and clear questions, answer wisely, and be quoted accurately.
  16. May ______'s words and the meditations of his/her heart be acceptable in God's sight. (Psalm 119:14)
  17. Protect the outcome of the events/games ______ participates in from being determined by poor officiating or scandal. May fairness prevail and the best man/woman/team win. May God's will for each participant be accomplished though the games.
  18. Empower the prayer partners praying for ______ to faithfully pray during and following the Olympics that ______ will come to know Christ, live for Christ, and be discipled in a way that glorifies Christ.
  19. May God's love reach the people who accompany ______ to the games, helping them come to know Christ.
  20. Give wisdom, discernment, protection, and the power of the Holy Spirit to Olympic missionaries. May they constantly respond in the power of the Spirit rather than in their might or ability. (Zechariah 4:6)
  21. Empower Christian athletes at the Olympics to be bold in living and sharing their faith with others.
  22. Help ______ to remain humble, knowing that pride comes before a fall. (Proverbs 16:18) Remind him/her that the physical ability he/she has is a gift from God.
  23. Grant ______ health at the Olympics including freedom from nagging injuries, allergies, colds, illnesses, and the flu that could hinder him/her best.
  24. Bring ______ godly healing in the broken places (relationships, dreams, health, and/or heart) of his/her life.
  25. May ______ learn and apply the important life lessons that God desires to teach him/her.
  26. Help ______ to understand that "bodily exercise profits little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come." (1 Timothy 4:8)
  27. Provide _____ with meaningful direction for his/her life following the Olympics. May ______'s post Olympic life be purposeful and bring honor and glory to God. Prepare the way for his/her future endeavors.
  28. Help _____ to know and experience God's unconditional love regardless of his/her performance.
  29. Protect ______'s apparel, equipment, and possessions from theft and malfunction.
  30. Send godly people into ______'s life to share the gospel. When he/she hears the Word of God, may it not return unto God empty, but help it to accomplish that which God want it to accomplish. (Isaiah 55:11)
  31. Empower ______ to constructively deal with and not be overcome by the stress of the Olympics.