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Reaching Muslims Prayer Guide
  1. Thanks for creating Muslims in God’s image. Send peace and blessing into their lives. May they be a blessing to people they encounter, and may our interactions with them bring honor to God.
  2. Remind us (Jews, Muslims and Christians) of our mutual ancestor, Abraham. Protect Muslims from anti-semitic hatred.
  3. May God’s Word accomplish its intended purpose in the lives of Muslims.
  4. Bring Christians and Muslims into each others’ lives so they can know each other as real people.
  5. When Muslims experience personal brokenness, bring godly healing.
  6. Empower the Arab Church to have a powerful testimony of God’s grace to their Islamic community and nation.
  7. Thank God that Islam teaches them to respect Jesus as a prophet of God. May this respect lead them to a personal relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord.
  8. When Muslims seek God, grant them the same mercy, grace and forgiveness afforded me.
  9. Break down prejudices/biases Christians have of Muslims and vice versa. Help Americans not to judge all Muslims for the acts of a few terrorists. Help Muslim not to confuse Christianity with the sins of America (materialism, pornography, alcohol, drugs, sexual immorality, arrogance, etc.).
  10. Help American and Arab Christians no to hinder the spread of the gospel because of their cultural differences.
  11. Meet the homeland needs of both Palestinians and Israelis.
  12. Bring Arab/Muslim and Israeli/Jewish people to the Savior. Pray that Christ will make himself known to them in ways they can receive.
  13. We confess our individual and corporate sins of indifference, lack of love, lack of desire, and for stereotyping Muslims. Cleanse us and help us see them as Jesus does.
  14. May Muslims have a relationship with God, based on love and grace rather than fear and works.
  15. As Muslims seek God, bring them to the eternal saving grace of Jesus.
  16. Keep Muslims who convert to Christianity growing and strong in their new faith. May each one “…press on to the upward call of God in Christ.” (Philippians 3:13,14)
  17. Bless, protect and meet the financial needs of ministries such as SAC-7, Trans-World Radio and other mission outreaches to the Muslim world.
  18. Grant Muslims who come to Jesus extraordinary wisdom in knowing how and when to share Christ with their families and friends. Protect their witness. May their lives glorify God.
  19. Tear down human and spiritual strongholds that keep Muslims from knowing and experiencing Jesus.
  20. Keep us as Christians from being so overwhelmed that we do nothing. Show us what we should each be doing as we pray and seek God’s will.
  21. Just as Muslims often put Christians to shame in terms of their zeal and commitment to their beliefs, help us as followers of Christ to be zealous in acting out our faith/beliefs.
  22. Grant Christians, Jews and Muslims peace, love and respect for one another.
  23. Give us opportunities and courage to befriend Muslims, to love them with the love of Christ.
  24. In the name of Jesus and his resurrection power, we ask that God bind Satan. May God’s light enter their darkness, and may God’s truth dispel the lies they have believed about genuine Christianity. May they truly come to know the Savior and grow in the grace and knowledge of him.
  25. Develop in me the fruit of your Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22) so that I may live a Christ-like life before my Muslim neighbors and friends.
  26. Keep Muslims and Christians alike from misinterpreting each others words and actions.
  27. Help Christians and Muslims to have a clear understanding that Jesus died for ALL people, including Muslims. (John 3:16)
  28. Provide strength and courage for Christians and Muslims to build bridges to overcome all hatred and prejudice.
  29. In bringing Muslims to Jesus, please “do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can ask, think or imagine according to the power at work within us.” (Ephesians 3:20)
  30. Grant believers a passion to see people of the Islamic faith come to Jesus. Give us compassion for them. In the power of the Holy Spirit, may we love them to Jesus and help them become true followers of him.
  31. May people of Islamic faith meet the real Jesus. May they have a passion to know and follow Christ and promote the cause of Christ worldwide.