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Homosexual Marriage Conflict Daily Prayer Guide
  1. Thanks for creating each individual involved in the conflict. Bring peace and blessing into their life. What the blessing is, is determined by God and not meant to be construed as support for homosexual marriage.
  2. Help each individual in the conflict to treat one another with dignity, to be shown respect and to remember that all individuals have been created by God and in His image.
  3. May God's Word be proclaimed, rightly discerned and honored. Bless the speaking of God's Word.
  4. Bring God's justice to each heterosexual and homosexual individual who has experienced sexual impurity. Offer the same forgiveness, grace, mercy, and opportunity for a second chance that God has given to me.
  5. Thank God for providing learning opportunities through this conflict.
  6. Help all heterosexuals and hhomosexuals who are committing sexual immorality to stop.
  7. May the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in God's sight. (Psalm 19:14)
  8. Bring everyone to the realization that sexual sin is sin no matter what type (homosexuality, adultery, porn, lust, pedophilism, or bestiality) of sexual sin is committed.
  9. Help us as individuals and as a nation to repent before God sends judgment on us as a nation. If this is God's time to pass judgment on us individually or as a nation, may God's will be done.
  10. Direct courts/politicians to honestly seek God's Word on this matter. Help them to follow God's direction.
  11. Guide the activity of Believers to be done in God's Spirit; not in our might or power.
  12. Help God's people to be passionate for truth and compassionate towards all people.
  13. Empower each individual to know of and to be responsible for his/her sexual desires and behavior. Free us from all blame and excuse games.
  14. Keep all parties' emotions under control. Help everyone to calm down so communication can begin. Defuse the intense anger that some people have and instigate.
  15. Remind Believers that neither homosexuals nor those promoting homosexual marriage are the real enemy we face. Satan is the real enemy. These individuals may be by Satan and may be currently under his control, but they can be redeemed. Satan does not want redemption to take place.
  16. Send a wake-up call to married Christians to do whatever it takes to get their marriages in tip-top condition. Help them to clearly model strong Biblical marriage.
  17. Breakdown the walls of ingrained stereotypes, personal experiences, belief systems, and lies which keep us from knowing and living the truth that God promises will set us free.
  18. Bring good from what Satan means for evil. Help people to come to Christ and to grow in their faith.
  19. In preparation for the conflicts that will occur, give Christians a pure heart, understandable and articulate words, heavenly wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  20. Give our nation laws that are consistent with God's Word. Keep us from relying on laws to change behavior, but encourage individuals to change from the inside out.
  21. Keep individuals quiet on their issue who mean well and who agree with Scripture, BUT who cause more damage than good when they open their mouths.
  22. In Jesus' name, His shed blood, and resurrection power we bind the influence of Satan and his associates.
  23. Protect everyone from physical violence and verbal abuse from both sides.
  24. Jesus died for all including those who favor homosexual marriage. It is God's heart that none would perish. make God's heart for these people my heart. Give me the desire to love them to Jesus.
  25. Bring all individuals involved to strong, growing, and personal love relationships with God that lead to obedience of God's Word. If we love God, we will keep His commandments. (John 14:15)
  26. Where brokenness exists (heart, relationships, dreams, and health) in the lives of the conflict participants, be the Great Physician and bring healing.
  27. Protect the institution of marriage and family from the many attacks aimed at dismantling God's creation.
  28. Help local, state, and federal legislators to act ethically when making decisions regarding this matter.
  29. Give Judges wisdom. Supply them with the courage and strength to not take authority that has not been given to them by the Constitution. Keep judges from the temptation to become lawmakers.
  30. Protect homosexuals from HIV/AIDS.
  31. Keep us from prideful comparisons. "I may be a sinner, but thank God I don't do that."