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Employees Prayer Guide
  1. Thanks for the opportunity to work with __________. Bring peace and blessing into his/her life. continue to make __________ a blessing to all he/she encounters. May his/her work ad life bring honor and glory to God's name.
  2. Keep __________ safe at work, while going to and from work, at home, and in his/her leisure activities.
  3. Give __________ a strong and growing personal relationship with God that helps him/her become more Christ-like and secures Heaven as his/her eternal home.
  4. Grant __________ and his/her family physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and financial health. Where applicable help him/her to have a healthy relationship with his/her spouse, children, parents, and extended family.
  5. Help __________ to keep up with the technological advances involved with his/her job. Empower __________ to continually learn more about the job, develop additional skills, and improve his/her effectiveness.
  6. Give __________ a strong working relationship with his/her manager and fellow employees.
  7. Help __________ to work hard, to be creative, productive, live up to his/her full potential and be financially rewarded for a job well done.
  8. Provide __________ with the ability to constructively handle failure, fear, criticism, and stress. Turn his/her weaknesses into strengths. Help __________ to learn and apply the life lessons God desires to teach him/her.
  9. May __________'s time away from work be relaxing, renewing, positive, and constructive. Help him/her to return to work well rested and ready to give 100%.
  10. Help __________ to experience financial stability and practice good stewardship of the resources God has provided.
  11. Strengthen __________ to be a positive role model on the job, at home, and in the community.
  12. Help __________ to be actively involved in a biblically-based group of believers and church. Supply him/her with friends who will pray for, challenge, listen to, love, encourage, and hold him/her accountable.
  13. Give __________ strength to resist moral temptation that comes his/her way on and off the job.
  14. Empower __________ to make contributions in his/her work that makes the company/business better. Provide opportunities for him/her to meet the various needs of colleagues, management, and clients/customers.
  15. When __________ experiences brokenness (dreams, relationships, heart, and/or health) bring godly healing.
  16. Help __________ to give and seek forgiveness when and where needed. Free him/her from revenge and bitterness.
  17. Grant __________ a clear mind and discernment to make wise decisions on and off the job.
  18. Continually help __________ to be a person of high integrity who holds others in high esteem.
  19. Help __________ to know and speak the truth in love at home and at work.
  20. Supply __________ grace for working with people who irritate or frustrate him/her.
  21. Help __________ to consistently make meaningful contributions to the neighborhood/community where hi/she lives.
  22. Make __________ a valuable team member who carries his/her part of the load while influencing others to excel.
  23. Support __________ in meeting the various deadlines and performance goals of his/her job.
  24. Enhance __________'s abilities to have clear and strong communication with those he/she encounters today. keep __________ from participating in gossip, complaining, and negative discussions. Help him/her to change the subject to uplifting, constructive discussion.
  25. Give __________ an attitude of gratitude that is infectious.
  26. Supply __________ with a clean/positive sense of humor and the ability to laugh at himself/herself.
  27. Free __________ from prejudice and bias while still being able to express his/her beliefs with conviction.
  28. Empower __________ to be a positive representative of the staff and company.
  29. Guide __________ in finding the right position/career so that he/she can best grow, produce, and succeed. Bless his/her future endeavors. May __________ experience God's best for his/her life.
  30. Be present with __________ in his/her times of trouble. May he/she find his/her true security in God. Give internal strength, genuine joy, and peace that passes all understanding. Be glorified in his/her life.
  31. Strengthen __________ to resist the temptation to steal from his/her employer. (time, resources)