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Elections Daily Prayer Guide
  1. Thank God for freedom that allows us to vote. Remind us daily of the price many paid and continue to pay for our freedom and the privilege of voting. Bring peace and blessing to individuals and families who made voting possible. May their lives bring honor and glory to God.
  2. Forgive us for taking our freedom and right to vote for granted and for not voting.
  3. Thanks for the godly politicians who are currently serving. For current Legislators, Executives, and Judges who do not know God, give them hearts that seek God. Remind Believers that personal transformation is more important that transfer of political power.
  4. Show us how we may be positively involved in carrying out our convictions in this campaign. Help us to become better educated voters who make wise decisions that are consistent with our personal beliefs.
  5. Guide individuals running for office to put serving others ahead of selfish purposes.
  6. Prevent those running for office from making campaign promises they cannot fulfill.
  7. Uphold the dignity of each person involved in the campaign. Help us to remember that all have been created in the image of God.
  8. Protect the vote counting process. Help each individual involved in the process to be a person of integrity.
  9. Help each candidate to know and remember that it is not by his/her might, power, ability, or fundraising that he/she will be victorious and successful in leadership. It is only by God's Spirit and His sovereign will that people are given the opportunity and ability to lead others.
  10. Keep the campaign positive.
  11. Give the candidates godly wisdom and vision. Help the candidates to clearly articulate their vision.
  12. May God's will be done. Place individuals in office who fulfill God's sovereign purpose. (Romans 13:1-7)
  13. Protect the integrity of the voting process including registration and participation.
  14. Remind Christians that the elected officials eternal destiny is more important than who is in office or a change of law.
  15. May God be glorified through this election.
  16. Protect the candidates, their families and the campaign workers from physical, emotional and spiritual attacks and harm. Help each individual to grow closer to God through the campaign.
  17. Encourage Christians to spend time in prayer and fasting seeking God's will for this election.
  18. In the upcoming election, help voter participation to be strong.
  19. Give us elected officials who, with discernment, will write, enact and enforce laws that bring glory to God.
  20. Keep evil and destructive forces from influencing the election.
  21. Give us the desire and the commitment to be informed voters regarding the various elections.
  22. Make integrity the word and principle that best describes media efforts while covering the campaign. Guide the media in their endorsements of candidates.
  23. Remind Believers that a vote for a candidate is about one's personal voting preference. The vote should not be considered as a vote for the opposing candidate(s) to receive a ticket to Hell.
  24. Encourage individuals to run for office who would be good candidates. May they receive our prayers, respect, and the power of God's Spirit.
  25. Protect elected individuals from becoming corrupted by the power they acquire by being in office.
  26. Guide public and private election discussions to be truth-based, not full of lies, spins, and rumors.
  27. Remind Believers that Jesus died for each individual involved in the campaign. It is God's heart that all would come to know the Savior. Bring redemption and revival through this election.
  28. Supply strength and health for the campaign. Keep each individual from growing weary in doing good.
  29. Use this election to tear down walls that keep us from constructive communication and bridge building.
  30. Prevent outbreaks of violence and acts of terrorism during the campaign that are aimed at disrupting and destroying democracy.
  31. Protect and strengthen the marriages of those running for office and the marriages of their campaign workers. Keep all individuals sexually pure in their thoughts and actions.