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Customers and Clients Prayer Guide
  1. Thanks for customers/clients who help to make our business possible. Use our business dealings and relationships to bring honor and glory to God.
  2. Grant us healthy relationships with our customers/clients, and their families.
  3. Help the customers/clients to receive good service and have pleasant communication with our employees. Give the customers/clients the desire to return.
  4. Help the customers/clients to receive a blessing and/or be a blessing when they enter our business.
  5. Provide customers/clients safety while at our business and when he/she commutes to and from the business.
  6. Help our product/service to meet and exceed the needs and desires of our customers/clients.
  7. Make our customers/clients valued members of their communities.
  8. May we be an instrument of healing for our customers/clients who have experienced brokenness and pain over the years.
  9. Help the interchange between our employees and customers/clients to be uplifting and respectful.
  10. Grant our employees the technical expertise, knowledge, and understanding to meet the customers/clients needs.
  11. Help the customers/clients to come to faith in Christ and have a strong and growing relationship with Jesus.
  12. Assist our customers/clients in understanding and accepting that our business must be fairly compensated to stay in business.
  13. Help the dissatisfied customers/clients to state their complaints in a constructive and helpful manner. May we respond with the respect and resolve the issue.
  14. Encourage customers/clients to know, feel, and believe that God loves them.
  15. Help each employee/staff to live out the business' mission statement with each of our customers/clients.
  16. Assist each employee/staff to hold customers/clients in high esteem and to uphold his/her dignity.
  17. Help customers/clients to view this business/company as their extended family.
  18. Supply customers/clients with an enjoyable experience at our business. May their day be happier and more rewarding because they came to visit us.
  19. Help the customers/clients to receive an excellent, fair value for their purchase.
  20. Empower our employees/staff to be an encouragement to the customers clients who are having a difficult day.
  21. Help the customers/clients to receive a warm welcome, smile, and word of encouragement during their visit to our business.
  22. May we give good service so our customers/clients will recommend our business to others.
  23. Help our customers/clients and our employees/management to give and receive forgiveness when needed.
  24. May we run our business in such a way that our customers/clients will want to treat us with respect and dignity. May our business atmosphere discourage coarse language and promote godliness.
  25. Help customers/clients to get what they are looking for and be helped in a timely manner.
  26. Bless our customers/clients and their families with physical, emotional, and spiritual health. make us sensitive to their needs.
  27. May God be glorified by the customer's/client's visits to our business. Bring us those God wants and keep away those God does not want.
  28. Protect us from lawsuits and regulations that would hurt our business, employees, customers/clients, and/or suppliers.
  29. Help our customers/clients receive the ongoing service from our business that they need.
  30. Direct our customers/clients in finding and being involved in a Biblically-based group of believers.
  31. Help the products and services purchased by our customers/clients to stand the test of time. May the services rendered to our customers/clients bring satisfaction.