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Business Trips Prayer Guide
  1. Thanks for the skills and trustworthiness __________ has exhibited. Bless __________ as he/she works out of town. make him/her a blessing to all he/she encounters. Use his/her life to bring honor and glory to God.
  2. Help __________ to be a positive representative of his/her company, practicing good stewardship and integrity.
  3. Remind __________ to communicate each night with his/her spouse, children, a family member, and/or friend.
  4. May __________'s trip be productive resulting in new ideas, strengthened relationships, and additional business.
  5. Remind __________ to get physical exercise, fresh air, and to eat properly.
  6. Empower __________ to spend quality time in God's word, reading, memorizing, and meditating on the Scripture.
  7. Grant __________ opportunities to bring cheer, kindness, and ministry to the individuals he/she encounters.
  8. Help __________ to communicate daily with an accountability partner who will ask the hard questions, wait for the answers, and encourage to win his/her daily battles.
  9. Help __________ to work diligently on getting his/her paper work complete for the day, finishing preparation for tomorrow's work, and get a good night of rest.
  10. Strengthen __________ to flee temptation at every juncture. Empower __________ to take every thought captive making it obedient to Christ. (II corinthians 10:5)
  11. Remind __________ to take good reading material and a hobby related activity for the trip.
  12. Help __________ to attend a sporting event, theater play, or concert if interested. If __________ is inclined to go to a movie, help him/her to find a movie in a theater that will not lure him/her towards unnecessary temptation and potential spiritual defeat.
  13. Grant success in his/her presentations and meetings while representing his/her company.
  14. Help __________ to daily journal his/her day and trip.
  15. Grant __________ safe travel, good time management, and the ability to stay on schedule unless God has other plans for him/her.
  16. Supply __________ with positive ways to spend down-time such as a local mall, library, park, or bookstore (preferably a Christian book store).
  17. While __________ is away from home grant him/her insights that __________ likely would not have while being at home.
  18. Help __________ to make professional and/or personal friends in the communities he/she frequently visits.
  19. Guide __________ to a church that has a Bible Study or a small group that he/she can attend while out of town.
  20. Put a hedge of protection around the emotions, attitudes, thoughts, physical desires of __________ while traveling.
  21. Strengthen __________ to make all phone calls, dictate letters, and answer the emails he/she needs to stay current.
  22. Guide __________ to ask the hotel desk clerk to turn off access to destructive cable TV changes. Keep __________ from checking out negative TV programming possibility available for the evening.
  23. Keep __________ healthy on the trip. Renew his/her body, mind, soul, and spirit.
  24. Make this a time of blessing and victory rather than curse and defeat for __________. Take the moments of loneliness and temptation that Satan brings and use the victory over them to bring glory to God. Empower __________ to become a stronger disciple because of the trial and resulting victory in Christ.
  25. If __________ should fall to temptation, help him/her to immediately walk away from the scene of the failure, seek God's forgiveness, and begin the restoration process.
  26. Help __________ draw near to God and to know that in the process God will draw near to him/her. (James 4:8)
  27. Keep __________'s family and possessions safe while he/she is gone.
  28. Help __________ to make a daily commitment to hand write or email notes of encouragement to friends.
  29. May __________'s words and the meditations of his/her heart be acceptable in God's sight. (Psalm 119:4)
  30. Bring __________ safely home with renewed strength.
  31. Help __________ to manage well the re-entry process back into his/her home, family, work, and community.