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Business, Company, and Agency Prayer Guide
  1. Thanks for the services/products __________ provides. Grant peace and bring blessing to __________ and its people.
  2. Empower management to treat employees fairly and wisely. Keep employees from being overworked. May they be fairly compensated. In turn, help employees to consistently give 100% effort.
  3. Grant strong management of __________'s assets, finances, and capitol investments. Assist the company in finding ways to maximize its resources. Protect and bless __________'s investments. Protect the retirement funds.
  4. Protect __________'s buildings from structural, decor, and weather related damage, vandalism, theft, fire, and violence. Keep __________'s equipment and vehicles free from malfunction, accidents, and spiritual warfare.
  5. Supply affordable health care for __________ team members. Give wisdom for responding to insurance issues.
  6. May __________ and its people and products be known for their excellence, integrity, and service.
  7. Instruct __________ personnel when a change of position, locale, or career is needed. May the matter be professionally handled. Guide the team member to his/her next job.
  8. Bless __________ with strong revenue and healthy profits for expansion, additional jobs, wage increases, and additional charitable gifts. Grant sufficient work making layoffs unnecessary. If layoffs occur, meet the needs of those laid off.
  9. Make __________ holy ground where God is present, meeting people's needs. Help people come to christ because of relationships with team members. May __________ also be a pleasant place to work, visit, and to do bushiness.
  10. Empower __________ to meet and exceed all government health and safety standards and regulations.
  11. Bless __________'s competitors in whatever way God desires. May the competition be fair. Use the competition to make the competing businesses better. May each business show respect to/for their competitors.
  12. Guide __________'s leadership to deal wisely with government regulations, insurance companies, and lawsuits. Provide __________ freedom from legal issues that would keep the company from being effective.
  13. Bring people of godly character, strong work ethic, and Biblical values to join the team. May the current team members exhibit the highest level of character, work ethic, and godliness.
  14. Give wisdom for ordering and selling inventory. May purchase orders provide adequate inventory for sales, shelf life, and sufficient merchandise in stock while meeting __________'s cash flow needs.
  15. Protect __________'s inventory and assets from shoplifting, employee theft, and embezzlement.
  16. Grant positive, friendly relationship between __________ and its customers, clients, vendors, and affiliates.
  17. May __________ team morale continually grow stronger. Eliminate destructive attitudes, comments, and actions. Help team members to receive and give needed words of encouragement and acts of kindness.
  18. Effectively use __________'s various forms of advertising to increase business. Help advertisement dollars to be spent wisely. May the best advertisement be satisfied customers/clients.
  19. Provide __________ personnel physical alertness and safety when community to/from work and while at work.
  20. Direct those purchasing raw materials, equipment, and services to receive maximum value for the time and dollars invested. May the new equipment be well maintained and last an extended period of time.
  21. Give inner strength, patience, and grace to those facing stress and deadlines. Help the deadlines to be met.
  22. Bring each employee and his/her household to the saving personal knowledge of Jesus.
  23. May __________'s corporate citizenship meet community needs and bring honor to God. Empower each team member to be a contributing citizen and good neighbor in the community where he/she lives.
  24. Grant clear and effective communication between the various levels of team members.
  25. Help conflicts in the workplace to be resolved quickly and fairly. Free team members from personal grudges, bitterness, and vengeance both at work and away from work.
  26. In difficult times keep __________ from panic. Grant wisdom and quick response that limit damage.
  27. Give management vision and wisdom in making decisions regarding future plans, products, and services.
  28. Protect __________'s computers from malfunction, viruses, hackers, and theft. Give each team member the ability to meet the changing technology, methodology, and production needs that accompany his/her position.
  29. Help __________'s production/service equipment, their mechanical units, and the heating/ventilation system to function at maximum efficiency. When breakdowns occur, help the down time and losses to be minimal.
  30. Supply the financial means and wisdom for dealing with health care and fuel/energy increases.
  31. Keep team members from contagious/infectious illness and from theft/misconduct by those in the building.